AirPlay of Tablo video from iOS device to Roku

With the release of Roku OS 9.4 you can now AirPlay to the Roku. I just tried it with an iPhone XS Max running iOS 14.2 and it works great. Commercial skip and everything.

Roku devices that support AirPlay 2 are below.

You keep replying with the same BS. The network connected Tablo DVRs stream just find to an iOS device.

Yes, the HDMI connected Tablo DUAL HDMI needs a subscription to do in-house streaming. This is clearly explained on their website, stop whining about it. I’ve posted many links in other threads to your repeated posts explaining this, please read them again. Either pay the subscription or return the Tablo DUAL HDMI.


It is not explained or I would not have bought their junk version. I can even show you the page now but deep in the description of the quad HDMI is does eventually reveal the truth.

Look at

  • Feature requires TV Guide Data Service Subscription
    ** Feature requires Premium Service Subscription

Are ONLY indicated for Out-of-Home Streaming* and Automatic Commercial Skip**

It state app support is only “Limited streaming to secondary TVs via free Tablo apps on Smart TVs and streaming media devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, & Android TV.” and NOT that is ALOS requires a MONTHLY subscriotion nor does it reveal that neither HDMI version is NOT qualified for a lifetime subscription like all their other models past and present. It is simply fraud.

How is not making the HDMI version qualified for a lifetime subscription fraud? They simply decided to change their subscription model.

No, is it blocked. You have it reversed. Secondly, the needed to change it is clear indication it is failing. You may also notice they keep increasing their prices. Much like Wink new sales are not supporting their services and Wink started charging. They have lost a lot of customers over it.