Airplay loses connectivity

Over the past 3 shows we’ve watched, 2 have dropped out multiple times per show. By “dropped out”, I mean that they disappear from the Apple TV and start playing on the iPad that we’re controlling them from. Everything is updated (Apple TV, Tablo) to latest firmware. Thoughts?

If you have an Apple TV 3 it may be your Apple TV. Certain AppleTV 3’s have a Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

@cmahy - Try resetting your Apple TV.

Aside from the known connectivity issue with some Apple TVs, we find a reset of the Apple TV every once in a while solves a LOT of issues.

It did it again recently after I used the apple tv remote to pause and un-pause a show. Seemed related if you can look into it from that standpoint.

This is the same way mine was acting, do you have the ability to hardwire with ethernet cable to your router? if so I will try that.

@cmahy I’ve tried to reproduce this issue in the office, but I haven’t been able to so far. I will mention it to one of our software engineers and have them investigate! And @mb190e you certainly can use your Tablo with Ethernet.

I’m sorry I was asking @cmahy if they have the ability to connect the AppleTV to the router via ethernet that fixed one of my Apple TVs that has Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

My Tablo and apple tv have always been hardwired into my router - so I don’t think that is the problem. I have held off from using the apple tv remote since then and have not had the problem again.

Just wanted to bring this up again – I’m having the same problem, using an Apple TV remote or Logitech Hamony remote to pause or fast-forward, seems to cause disconnections to airplay, but controls on the IPad App itself do not.  Any solutions?

@rain41 Any chance you’re using an Apple TV that could be affected by the Wifi issue? Also - we’ve noticed that rebooting the Apple TV specifically seems to iron out quite a few quirks (check for updates, too). We essentially lose control of the video stream once it’s been sent to the Apple TV - Apple takes control from there and we don’t have access to the player.

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