Airplay and network routing on my LAN

General question about airplay.  If my AppleTV and Tablo box are both connected via wired gigabit ethernet to my router, does airplay from my iPad take a network hop over my wireless just to stream the content from the Tablo box to the AppleTv? 

I’m pretty sure yes. Airplay works differently than Chromecast in that the iOS device is flinging the video to the ATV… It doesn’t just pass the HLS or video URL to the ATV like Chromecast. They could have changed something on the apple side with ATV3 but I doubt it.

Thank you PiX64.  I guess its wait and see if Apple finally opens up the AppleTv to third party Apps to avoid this extra jump in the future,  but not holding my breath.  IOS 8 and the continuity architecture looks interesting and would be neat if you could hand off the stream to the apple tv instead of occupying my iPad resources, even though I am watching it on the tv.

@villaininblack I agree, Apple needs to get in gear and be the leader instead of the follower again. I’ve already jump ship on the Apple time capsule for the asus. If they don’t hurry up with the new AppleTV with an app store I will be jumping ship on the Apple TV also. This is coming from a guy that is owned every iPhone made, 3 full-size iPads, 1 iPad mini, 1 iPod, 2 MacBook Pros, 2 Apple time capsules and 2 Apple TVs. Man I miss Steve Jobs.

I had an Apple TV 3 once upon a time, but got rid of it for Roku for the whole closed/no apps reason.  I jailbroke a Apple TV 2 for a friend once upon a time, and then you could put a bunch of stuff on it, but it ruined the slick interface.