Agent Carter Scheduling issue

I know this isn’t so much about the Tablo device itself rather than the subscription guide, but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction as to who to complain to.

I sat down last night to watch my Tablo-scheduled/recorded 2-hr premier episode of “Agent Carter”, only to get to the end of the first hour and discover that recording had stopped.

So now I have to locate the 2nd hour online to stay caught up.

I’m guessing the scheduling system only had it down for 1 hour, which is what caused it to stop recording.

Interesting, because it worked fine for me.  I guess the guide is based on location, and for you, it must not have provided the correct 2 hour show block.  

Sorry you missed it - was pretty good, not brilliant.  You might want to submit a ticket to Tablo Support just to make sure your guide data is being delivered correctly.

Edit: I looked, and both episodes are available on Hulu…if you want to catch it there.

Thanks Chris!

Worked for me too. Huh.

No problems recording it here… :slight_smile:

@fanningp71 We can take a look if you like! Just send us a note.