AFTV app playback error

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been seeing some new behavior from my Amazon Fire TV. This is the square box, not the stick. In the middle of a show (Live TV) I get a “playback error.” Nothing has changed on my antenna, network, etc. I can still watch the same show from the Web App on a PC without any issues. A reboot of the AFTV is required to clear the error.


  • 2 tuner Tablo, Hardwired Ethernet Cat5e to 1 GB/s switch
  • AFTV Hardwired to same switch
  • Db8 Antenna with LNA200 amplifier (6 months old)
  • WD Elements 1 TB hard drive (~75% full)

Any thoughts? I’m thinking maybe a fault on the AFTV, but none of the other streaming apps on it has this issue.

This is similar to what I’ve seen on Android TV/Nexus Player. I’ve submitted a ticket to Tablo.

Hey guys - just as an FYI, we’re investigating this now. Thanks for flagging this.

I am not seeing this issue but I am still on Tablo firmware 2.1.30. Which version of Tablo & AFTV firmware are you running ?

2.2.2 is the version I’m running.

It is interesting that this error did not occur for a full 5 days after updating to 2.2.2.

I have the exact same issue with 2.2.8, and a similar setup (hardwired with fire tv). Haven’t really tried any other devices, but was anything ever figured out with this?

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