After firmware update, can't connect to 4 tuner

I installed the update this morning but afterwards, I can’t connect to my Table. I’ve rebooted it, edited the WiFi, but still no luck. Did the update kill my device?

How did you edit the WiFi if you couldn’t connect to it?

Also have you rebooted your router?

I think it killed my 2 tuner model also.
iOS app will not even find the tablo now.

I used the Android app to edit WiFi. I have rebooted the router and device.

Just as I was typing this response, it appears it is working now. Guess some sort of leftover setup it was doing?

Although I’ve never experienced the delay, the firmware update instructions state the Tablo performs some optimizations right after the firmware update is installed.
The Tablo blue LED will be flashing until the firmware update is installed, and optimizations have completed, and it’s probably not gonna be fully available until everything does complete.