After 2.2.8 upgrade, I lost my NBC channels

I don’t suppose there is any correlation, is there? The main NBC channel 10.1 is all pixelated and keeps rebuffering. 10.2 won’t load due to weak signal. All was fine before the upgrade. Strange, huh?

Trying a reboot now.

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Yes it sure does. And it happened from one moment to the next. Moment=upgrading to 2.2.8.

Rebooting everything has not helped, not that I thought it would. Baffling.

Please explain your antenna setup. Do you have an amplifier in line? A splitter in line? It’s possible one of those devices has malfunctioned.

Agreed… I think it was unrelated and you have a reception issue.


If you use a powered pre-amp try also power cycling your antenna preamp … I find once every so often I have to totally kill the power

Ditto. Last week I saw terrible pixilation on a channel that usually comes in stably at 90%. Did not make sense because all the other channels were fine. I powered the preamp off and brought it back up. After that this channel showed up as 90% without any pixilation. It appears preamps can get screwed up on specific channels. Perhaps there was a buildup of static electricity in the preamp interfering with normal RF reception?

Have you tried a new channels each? Sometimes that can help re-establish a better weaker signal.

Another possibility is the station is undergoing some sort of maintenance and reduced power on their transmitter temporarily and it was unlucky timing that it coincided with your upgrade.

The channels came back later on during the day. Not sure when because we were watching football on CBS and FOX most of the day but I tried it in the afternoon and it was fine. So it was either weather related (although it was pretty clear out, it was cold) or a technical issue on their side? I don’t have any splitters or amps installed.

@tbellucco - There may have been some temporary atmospheric interference… Or if those two stations are broadcast from the same tower in your area there could have been a broadcast issue.