Aereo is no longer a competitor to Tablo after today's Supreme Court decision

See the details here:

Aereo was one of the alternatives I considered before purchasing the Tablo 4-tuner. I decided against Aereo for a number of reasons, the likelihood of that SCOTUS decision being one of them.

@Mick and @bblackmoor, I actually got the Tablo more for the reason that I did not need to use Network Bandwidth and can place it anywhere in the house. So from my perspective I never saw them as close competitors, more like distant cousins ;) 

Aereo allowed you to get full signal without installing an expensive antenna (not to mention the aesthetics).  Very different IMHO.
Tablo is a bit more DIY.

With Aereo, perfect clear broadcast signal using their antenna for recording to their cloud storage.  Granted, the video was compressed though.

Tablo, actual broadcast video (I think, not sure), but using your own antenna and your own drive.

Aereo was cheaper in most cases… but sort of depends on how many years you could operate… and we all know how long Aereo can operate…

Yep, Aereo is dead.  Really not surprising, I always thought Aereo was just using some sort of gimmick to circumvent the copyright/retransmission thing.  And the minority opinion said Aereo was trying to exploit a loophole.  Had they ruled differently, you know the Cable and Sat companies would stopped paying as well and broadcast TV would go ‘poof’.  Then we OTA cord cutters would have been totally screwed.  Just IMHO  ;)

@VegasSteve - I agree, if Aereo had “won”, then we may have been using our Tablos to record infomercials and reruns of Gilligan’s Island.

@TabloTV - Since Aereo is likely to go out of business soon (unless they come up with a new viable business model), maybe some of the displaced Roku programmers that worked at Aereo could be lured over to the Tablo camp.

I am kind of sad that Aereo lost its legal battle. But I am a Tablo customer because that.

I think that Aereo was a pioneer and lot of people open their eyes and look for inexpensive solutions to watch live T.V. I recognize that and THIS will probably force (hopefully) cable companies to reinvent themselves, People are tired of paying thousands of dollars for watching T.V.

I like Tablo because I have more control over my setup. But Aereo website interface was beautiful. Nice UI and smooth performance. I actually never had any issues with them.

The problem that Tablo does not solve (yet) is that cities with tall buildings, like NY, this OTA solution won’t work. And that’s where thousands of customer saw so much value on Aereo’s proposal, as the antennas were not local.

@mbellaire - Would be awesome to have some of their dev team come over to our side! 

It is a shame that the customers who really are served best by their model (who don’t get good reception) got the short end of the stick. There really are no alternatives for them aside from placing a 50 foot pole + giant antenna on their house/off their balcony. 

We’ll certainly miss them as a competitor because they certainly brought a lot of attention to the concept of OTA HDTV.