Additional Status Info

It would be nice to have some additional information on the status of the Tablo:

  1. Up time/date last rebooted - useful if you’re trying to figure out why a show didn’t record or stopped, or if you are fighting a reboot issue.
  2. Tuners in use on which channels, by which clients - I know I can get some of that from the Live TV grid but a slightly easier method would be nice.
  3. Clients connected and activity - for instance, what channel tuned into or what recording being viewed.  This is great for parental control. 
None of these are top priority items but good information to have.

@clydesdaleVA - Good feedback. This might be neat to have in a secondary settings screen. 

@TabloTV - I’ve seen some apps/devices split the the current Settings page into a Status & Preferences pages.  Not that I would rename the current Settings page since consistency is valued most by users.