Adding new stations

The digital convertor I have for the old TV in the bedroom has what they call “Easy Add” for adding additional channels.  What it does is scan for new channels and adds any new channels it finds to what it all ready has.  So if you have already set favorites or edited out channels because you don’t want them (I edit out anything that is not English, since English is the only thing I understand).  I use that to check for new stations when I know new stations are coming (one this summer and one by May 1).  Perhaps I should do Easy Add once per month, or at least once per quarter to find any new stations.  Can something similar be added to the @TabloTV?

All you have to do is run another channel scan.  It takes only a minute to run.   Then just add check marks to any new channels you want.

The Tablo always remembers all the channels that you have currently set up, making channel scans easy to use.


Not entirely true, my signal strength for NBC is just at the minimum to receive the channel. When I first set up my Tablo in May 2014 it found it and it was watchable. I ran a channel scan the 2nd time last month and it no longer found NBC and removed it from my guide.

I can still watch NBC with the OTA antenna split directly into the HDTV tuner.

It seems that the Tablo tuner has become less sensitive with a firmware update.

I knew that but running running an Easy Add, all you have to do is check the additional channels instead of all of them.  In other words is it “Great Insigna” (name of the converter) and “Lazy Nuvyyo”?  Insigna could have taken the same approach as you said, but they made it more customer friendly.

I don’t think Nuvyyo is lazy.

@theuser86 The Insigna converter box also has a MANUAL TUNE option, so you can tell it to “only scan from 7 to 8” and look for additional channels. The GetTV and Escape sometimes disappear.  They are actually in Killeen and not Austin.  I don’t know where the tower is physically, but with an outdoor antenna Killeen is reachable in Austin, but I only have an indoor antenna.

@Snowcat - unless you have a Tablo that runs different than mine, you are incorrect.  ANYTIME you do a new channel scan on the Tablo, it DROPS all the channels you have, then ADDS the channels found this time.  So like @theuser86 said, if station was previously found, and not found this time, it is DROPPED.  The weather, sun, position, wind, etc. all effect the signal. So it might not be detected this time, but if you keep doing rescans until it comes back or try again with different weather / sun conditions / radios transmitting (buses, cabs, utility vehicles, etc. all use radio)

My Tablo only does that if you select “Add to Guide” after a channel scan.  If you just exit out after a scan, no changes are made.

So you can do a scan to see if there are any new channels and cancel out if nothing shows up.  However, there is a problem if you both see new channels and lose old ones.  

They all only drop the station when you say add to guide, but the EZ Add should be to add to guude.

@beatman what if I don’t want to add anything new after a scan?  I much prefer the Tablo method which allows me to choose what I want to keep or remove using check boxes.

And lose stations that don’t get found that scan

I agree.  It would be great to be able to manually add channels.  There are several channels that are low signal that work but don’t always pick up in scans.

I really like the current implementation. I can scan as many times as I want, then add the stations I want if they show up. If they aren’t showing up, I can just back out and keep my current setup.