Adding iPads

My setup: cable internet, wi-fi/ethernet router, Roku connected by ethernet, Tablo 4 with 2TB USB HardDisk, connected by wi-fi, Plex Media server on ethernet Windows8 PC, iPad last generation with iOS 8.1 and Tablo App 1.2.1

After I first connected my iPad by wi-fi to the Tablo, this unit doesn’t show up anymore in my list of available networks. In other words, I can’t connect other iPads to this Tablo. My understanding is that you can use multiple devices to view content; how can I do so when the DVR “disappears” from wi-fi networks? Do I have to connect the Tablo with an ethernet cable to be able to then connect to multiple wi-fi devices?

When you set up your Tablo for the first time, it has its own temporary wi-fi network.  If you use an iPad to get it set up, you connect the iPad to that temporary network so that you can enter the main home network’s info on the Tablo.  After that, you should be using your home network for everything.

It sounds like you may be looking for that temporary network instead of the main network.  

When I first launched the app on the next iPad, it didn’t find the Tablo. Now that I restarted the app it found it.

Thanks. First problem solved.