Adding channels or re-scanning channels

 just received and installed my Tablo, and so far love it. Can some one tell me how to re-scan the channels? I have everything in my area except for 3 which are from the same station. It is clearly recieved with out Tablo hook up with a strong signal it is a major NBC affiliate. Not that it probably matters they are 13.1, 13.2 and 13.3. 

Are you using the iPad app or html?  On the ipad, go to Settings and then Edit Channel Lineup.  You can rescan the channels or add or delete channels from your guide.

If you receive a channel but are not receiving the guide data, contact TabloSupport to get that sorted.

This thread fails to tell how, step by step, to rescan channels. Boo!

I’ll see your ‘Boo!’, and raise you a ‘Here you go!’. :slight_smile:

Last topic, ‘Run a New Channel Scan’:

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