Adding a second Tablo

I have had a 2 tuner Tablo for some time now and really enjoy it. I just bought a 4 tuner unit. I am toying with the idea of keeping both of them and using them simultaneously. Is that possible? If so do they each have to have their own hard drive? And do I access them as one or are they each accessed separately? I tried finding articles on this in FAQ, community forums, etc. and was unable to find anything. Can you please help point me in the right direction?

Yes, you need a hard drive for both. And yes they are accessed separately. I have the same setup as you. One thing I requested or mentioned was to allow them to be accessed or used as a single unit, however, I think that will be a LONG time off if ever.

@Jestep  -   How do your Tablos appear in Roku app or how do you know which one to access?

When you startup Roku Tablo app the first screen after startup is which Tablo you want to use. I will post a picture later, I have to go out for a bit.

Thank you very much that’s helpful. I suspected that was the case. Yes, I’m sure that being able to access them simultaneously is (probably appropriately) way down low on their priority list.


What do you need 6 tuners for? Lol There can’t be that many OTA channels

Sell the 2 tuner for a pretty penny.

@theuser86 I can tell you why I have them, my wife has her shows and I have mine :wink: And no, 4 would not be enough

@theuser86. Good point! Unlike @Jestep I certainly have no need for six tuners. However I do want to have 4 tuners available, and at the same time I don’t want to have to get rid of all the programs I’ve saved on the hard drive for my 2 tuner unit. Thus I guess I’m stuck with both units for a while until I can empty out the important programs on my two tuner hard drive. I plan to stop all recording on the 2 tuner a unit in the meantime. As I understand it, you can’t transfer the recorded programs on a hard drive from one unit to another. Is that correct?

Separate his and hers DVRs, you are a genius :slight_smile:    I’m telling my wife we need another Tablo!  

@7up lol, you betcha :stuck_out_tongue:

Got them set up now.  Working great and Wow, I am amazed at how much faster the 4 tuner unit is compared to the 2- tuner.  Very glad I upgraded.  I bought my 2 tuner unit very early on (I pre-ordered before they were released).  I wonder if the earlier units were just slow and even the newer 2 tuner units are this fast?  Or are the 4 tuner units just faster.  Just curious.
I plan to watch all I need to on the 2 tuner unit’s hard drive then sell it on ebay. 

Thanks again for your help @Jestep!

Klem, in what way is your 4-tuner faster than the 2-tuner that you have?  I just got the 2-tuner unit last week and it seems pretty fast to me but I have nothing to compare it to

@fella1 with my 2 tuner after clicking on “live TV” for example, it would take about 15-20 seconds to load, now with the 4 tuner unit it takes about 1-2 seconds.  changing channels in live TV takes about 5-10 seconds on the 2 tuner and 2-3 seconds on the 4 tuner, etc. A big difference.  But again, I bought my 2 tuner as a preorder, it was likely part of the 1st batch they sold and maybe the newer 2 tuner units are faster.  I’m not sure. 


If you’re testing the same channels more than once, the load time will be much faster on the second (and later) attempts.
The first time a Tablo (with any amount of tuners) tunes to a channel, it can take ~10-15 seconds.

It will remain ‘tuned’ in the background for an hour so you can switch back and forth quickly.