Adding a second tablo

The first TabloTV I bought went in flawlessly, no issues its located the correct channel guide and downloaded the guide data, auotmatically.  But at times I need up to four tuners, so for redundancy I felt a second two tuner tablo would be a good idea (instead of one four tuner).  The second tablo arrived today.  First the Andriod app would not find the second tablo until I unplugged the existing tablo.  Now the second tablo reports a bad address if the location service or zip code (80917) is entered.  The first tablo did not have this issue.  I do see a blue checkmark after the zip code I entered.  If I turn off the location service enter the zip code it says BAD address turn off location serve and enter zip code.  So what else needs to be done? 

OK well this might be a usb drive issue.  On a power cycle it downloaded the 2.1.6 FW then said it needs to format the drive  This will be the third time it formatted the drive.  It is a 2TB Adata usb3 drive.  Guess I pick up a Seagate USB drive to match the first tablo.

Then again maybe it is not a drive issue.  In the Edit Location of the first tablo it also says address not found, for both the location service and manually entered zip code…  But it has guide data, so the location data was good at some point.  Time to log a trouble ticket.

Tried setup under Chrome and was able to progress along.  It accepted the zip code did the channel scan and downloaded the guide data. So maybe the location issue is a Android app issue?  A case has been logged with support.  It appears to have formatted the drive so I’ll see if the Adata HV620 works.

@andersonas25 - Odd. You should just be able to pick from two Tablos on your app home screen.

Send a note to support and we’ll get you sorted out. 

That may have been my issue.  I expected a second connect tablo on the screen.  I did not notice that I had to slide the screen to the left to see the second Tablo.  Also  last night a Andriod App update happened (1.4.0) and now the location issue is fixed.

Yes - we did put out an Android patch. Glad you got it sorted out!