Adding a 2nd Gen 4 via WiFi

I currently have one 4th generation (2 tuner) Tablo hooked up via Wi-Fi. I’m attempting to add a second fourth generation (two tuner) via Wi-Fi, and cannot figure out how to do it! Any ideas will be very welcome!

If you’re using the Android mobile app to set it up, just click on the Profile icon at the top right and you will find a few helpful sections.

In that area you should see: your name & email, “Sign Out”, “Tablo Devices”, and below that should be a button labeled “+ Add New Tablo”.

Hope this helps!

(Your mobile device and Tablo need to be on the same WiFi network in order to communicate.)

Thanks but I’m using iOS Tablo TV app (not the legacy app) and I didn’t see an option like that but I’ll root around in the app and see if I could find something like that. Thanks again.

OK, I got it. I had to ‘remove’ my 1st Gen 4 from the iOS app and then I could install the second Gen 4. I can now switch between the two Tablo Gen 4s on my Rokus - kinda clunky way to switch between them though. Looks like the iOS app cannot access two Tablos - you have to choose one or the other. I now cannot access either one from the iOS app (it keeps trying to install a ‘new’ Tablo). All is well on my Rokus but inaccessible/unusable from the iOS app.

That’s how the Android app was until very recently. The solution there was to force quit and clear the app storage (or completely uninstall and reinstall the app.) Very clunky indeed, and pretty much why I’ve only ever used the mobile app for installing/trouble-shooting. I kinda forget it exists since it’s pretty useless.

Hopefully, the Roku version will get you through your basic switching needs until the iOS app adds that feature.

I don’t know what the advantage of a second device would be. Unless you split the coax cable to get the signal to both … otherwise the second one would only be able to receive the streaming channels, not the local OTA channels.

If you want more drive space … add in an external drive. If you wanted 4 tuners instead of 2 … get the 4-tuner version.

I bought the 2 tuner Gen 4 for my daughter after I bought one for myself but she decided she didn’t want it. Was past the point of returning it for a refund so I figured, wth, I’ll just set it up and use it (it has its own antenna). So now I have 4 tuners (but kinda clunky way to switch between them).

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I have 3 DVR’s 10 tuners right now :rofl: I have my TiVo which I plan to stop using eventually, white 4 tuner and white 2 tuner Tablos. I bought the 2 tuner then upgraded to the 4 tuners, so now to decide what to do and maybe sell the 2 tuner after all these holiday sales are over.