Added a 3rd Roku 3 to my setup and now getting many Loading, Please Wait interruptions

Added a 3rd Roku 3 to my setup and now getting many Loading, Please Wait interruptions on LIVE TV. Does anyone know if the ROKU devices can conflict with each other? Everything is on WIFI. I just unhooked the 3rd device and it seems to fix the issue. Nothing recording at the time

Using the 4 tuner Tablo.


Try leaving the 3rd ROKU connected and disconnect one of the original ROKUs.

If all is OK, I would suspect your WiFi network is not robust enough to handle all 3 devices at the same time.


Is there something I can do to increase the wifi robustness?

What router do you have? TP Link Archer C7 (or C9 or similar routers) will increase your LAN and WIFI bandwidth.

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Were you actually streaming to all 3 Rokus at the same time?

Or did you just add the 3rd Roku and then you couldn’t get it to play properly on just one at a time?

I’ve heard the Roku 3 remotes can cause a little trouble in congested Wi-Fi setups since the Roku 3 remotes themselves use ad-hoc Wi-Fi. (The remotes use the same Wi-Fi channel the Rokus are on.) Usually, if the user has a multi-band router, the user can move the Rokus to a separate band to help clear things up.

Otherwise, there could be other issues at play, like other Wi-Fi networks in the area, weak reception or just not having enough bandwidth, especially if the Tablo’s recording setting is set high. (I believe the recording setting also affects live TV.)

I Use and Airport Time Capsule -

NO only one and when I unhooked the new third roku it stopped.

If you’ve got a dual-band router, make sure all the Rokus (and the Tablo) are using the 5Ghz band, especially if none of them can be hardwired.

Take a look at a Wi-Fi analyzer tool (there is one built into the Mac OS) and make sure you’re not on a crowded channel. These two changes can make a big difference.