Add the current date to the Live TV grid

On the Apple TV and on the iPad, I use Live TV sometimes to “tape” shows. Sometimes I skip ahead a day or two. After skipping ahead a few hours, I longer know which day I am on. Could we add the current date to the left of the times and above the channel numbers?

I know on the web based apps, the live tv grid will list just a time (9:00 PM, 9:30 PM, etc) for the current day, and then list “Tomorrow” and the time in the grid for the following day. Is that not the case for the AppleTV and iPad?

No. I wish they did though.

The Live Grid is only 24 hours. Total. So if the time you see in the grid is before the current time, it’s tomorrow. If it’s after, it’s today. Simple.

Now, if they ever extend the grid to more than 24 hours, they’ll definitely need to put in the day.