Add the ability to control a rotor

I think it would be handy if the Tablo could be programmed with the position of each of the channels received and then it could output this data via a IR Blaster device to drive the rotor control box.

If you check out some of the problems on this board you would realize that your request will be considered sometime in 2060. Let’s take care of the 99.999 before .001. You are VERY lucky if this is your only problem with Tablo. So hang in there and best wishes for good viewing.

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And how is that supposed to work when you’ve got 2 (or 4) tuners each trying to record something from a different channel in a different direction? It’s not going to work. Get multiple antennas and combine them. A rotator isn’t the solution.


The hardware just doesn’t have this kind of capability. Perhaps it could be in a next gen device from Nuvyyo. But it really complicates things as now simulataneous recording conflicts could be caused by the rotor position. IMHO, I’d look to solve this problem some other way.

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I currently have 3 antennas, all pointing in 2 different directions. They are all mounted on a 200 foot tall mast. When they are not quite pulling in a 95% signal I just go up there and tweak them a bit. I usually only have to do it if my VICANDOR sensor is not working properly and it doesn’t adjust the look angle for me. If I am recording more than 1 channel at one time, the Vicandor rotates the antennas back and forth really fast, such that I never lose the signal. I hope this helps.

OK, I am curious so I will bite. How to go up 200’ to “tweak” the antenna??? Regardless of how you do it - Its not something I would ever even think about. (actually i am wondering if you just retired from the Circus that is closing up this year):grinning:

Rotors are so naff, mate. That would turn your Tablo into a single tuner DVR!