Add the ability to change replay skip duration

The current skip times are either 10 or 20 seconds in duration. It would be great if these could be changed from the Settings to be different values.

Adding this feature would make the replay easier to manage based on the type of material being watched. For instance, many sporting events would be better to have a 30 second skip forward.


Highly unlikely it will happen. The Tablo uses what is native to the device being used, so they can’t control the skip duration.

Thanks for the reply and useful information, I was not aware that each user interface device controlled this. That certainly implies that the duration is very flexible from the Tablo perspective, not that it matters based on the architecture in place.

As snowcat said, each device is different. Specifically though if you wanted 30 second skip ahead, the iOS app has that.

I access tablo with roku ultra. I hate the 10 sec FF interval. I also use the same roku for SlingTV. The same FF with the sling app goes 30 sec forward. The roku FF may be limited to 10 sec increments but the app can apparently advance in multiples of that interval.

Using an Apple TV I can skip any duration I want. For example, I say “Hey Siri, skip ahead 4 minutes” and it does. Since I only use Apple TVs I did not know this was an issue on other platforms.