Add record button while watching program similar to overlay guide

If you are watching program, the only way to start recording the program that you are viewing is to exit to the guide. From there you select the program from the guide and you are given the option to record.

It would be much better to be able to press the okay button while viewing the program on the Roku or other device and then have the option to record displayed while still watching the program.

The recent guide overlay is a great improvement and solved one of my main issues with the Tablo. Adding a new record button while watching a program would resolve another one.

3 years ago, there used to be a recording toggle shortcut using the Roku remote asterisk ( * ) button, but you again had to be in the main Live TV guide.

However, the current Roku OS versions seem to map the askerisk button to a special Roku pop open menu for several common features across many apps.

Which button would a “record what I’m watching now” be?

By the way, the Roku Netflix app has long had a special statistics overlay that is toggled on and off using the Roku remote asterisk button.
You can still get it to work, but can’t do it while watching a program, cuz the standard pop open menu will appear instead.
One way to do enable or disable it, is to press the asterisk button while in the main Netflix screen, or during the loading of a video, but before it starts actually playing.

My thought is that by pressing the okay button, an option would display that would allow you to position the cursor to select record and press okay again.