Add Picture in Picture to Safari

As I’m sure you are aware the new Safari in Sierra has the ability to use picture-in-picture so a window will float on top of everything. This would be perfect for Tablo because it would allow us to watch TV while doing other things.

From MacWorld:
PiP displays a small video widow that stays on top of the screen and is open at all times. If you switch apps, the video window doesn’t get buried under everything else on your screen.

If you are like me and you like to watch sports events in other parts of the world, PiP is a great way to watch a game while working. Or maybe you want to watch more productive programming, like a Ted Talk or a training video, while you’re getting stuff done.

In order for PiP to work with web video, the site need to implement it. Apple provides an API that web developers can use to make PiP available to visitors.

You can already do this, simply right click on the video and select Enter Picture-in-picture.

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THANKS. Love my Tablo.