Add 'Delete Partially Watched' recording feature

‘Delete Watched’ recording feature only works if the recording is viewed almost to the end.
Adding a ‘Delete Partially Watched’ recording feature would greatly enhance binge watchers’ satisfaction.

With users recording hundreds, or thousands of series episodes, it’s important to be able to delete recordings en masse, without manually searching for partially watched recordings based on the unwatched/partially_watched/watched ball icon to the left of the recording title.

In the following example, notice these points:

  1. The unwatched/partially_watched/watched ball icon to the left of the recording title is half blue, and half white, which means the recording was partially watched.
  2. There are 5 minutes remaining in the recording.
  3. The ‘Mark Watched’ button is available, which means the recording is not considered ‘Watched’.
  4. ‘Delete Recording’ will delete this recording, but not useful when binge watching many episodes.
  5. We want to be able to watch many episodes, not be concerned about going all the way to the end of the recordings, and then delete all episodes that were even partially watched.

Or Tablo could change the amount of time viewed to be considered “watched.”

Tablo could add a user control to set this amount of time. So, you could indicate a show is watched after 5 minutes of play, for example.

I like this idea (delete partially watched) and would ALSO like to see delete by season to also make it easy to clear out previously watched en masse.

I don’t think a new category “partially watched” is needed. Just add user control over the criteria for “watched”. For you it could be 80% of recording watched, for me it could be set to 10% etc.

Historically speaking they have shied away from user customization controls to that granularity, you would be surprised how many customers find that confusing…

Really? I posted a simple mockup of a global control in the Storage section of Settings. For those who want this it would be set and forget.

The first time I set a system wide setting, like the example, and any of my spouses recordings disappeared, I would be sent to my unhappy place.

Or maybe I would secretly set it to mess with their mind.

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LOL, how many “spouses” do you have?

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Maybe a current and an ex. It’s not like the ex’s have to hate each other.

And often in a blended family everyone gets together to enjoy all the children and grandchildren. Visitors get stuffed in my spare house because it’s closer to the beach.

Or maybe he just forgot the apostrophe? :grinning:

1st, I really like your mockup image. :slight_smile:

I disagree, but go on…

It’ll take additional programming to achieve that flexibility, and it causes a new problem, cuz partially watched, and watched (completely) will get lumped into the same category.

I’m not interested in watching every minute of every episode during a binge watch session, so most of the recordings get marked as partially watched.
However, there are recordings marked as watched (completely) that I want to view again, or will mark as protected later.
Don’t want to delete all partially watched, and watched (completely) recordings in one go.

Sadly, they most likely make a valid point. What you (most) consider to be common sense… isn’t always all too common to others. (For me, just watch some co-workers)

I’m a proponent for gaining greater control over the device I purchased to watch free OTA programing. In your example, I think I know someone who’d interpret that as “So when I watch 55% of my recordings, they will Auto-Delete?”

Another point is that the partially watched % can vary from show to show or even by episode.

Some have a final scene near the end, some don’t, some I want to watch next weeks previews, many I do not.

Some shows I have set to record an extra 5, 10 or even 30 minutes due to possibility of delays that have it on air at a later time (evening news for example). So one day I may be done watching it with 5 minutes left, while others have 30 minutes.

Final season and live shows add extra time on the end as well, which is rarely needed (though I appreciate this feature) but that again will mean the % that equates to “watched” would be different compared to even the episode before it.

Just a lot of variables here…

To simplify things… at the least, select multiple recordings with a [] check box with one delete button. This isn’t exactly your suggestion, but it might get a similar result - manually.

I think I suggested something like that around two years ago as a quick and easy way to simplify mass deletions.

Various software allows a check/pick list to select items to take action on: delete, move, archive.

But users were horrified at non-automation and the extra step of clicking a button. It was almost like suggesting going back to a rotary phone.


Can’t do that outside a Tablo web app.

If, after a channel scan, an app can generate a pick list of channels, it can generate a pick list of episodes under a show.

While the solution may not be pretty, it’s just a programming problem.

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