Add ability to Jump between 2 channels

I’d like to quickly jump between two channels while watching live TV.

On some clients, like Roku (not sure about others), when watching Live TV you can hit arrow up or down to bring up a quick channel select window. Once 2 channels are tuned you should be able to jump back and forth relatively quickly.

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I have a Roku stick, and I see the small channel guide when I use the up and down arrows.
This is helpful, but still requires scrolling through the listing to locate the prior channel.

I’d like to be able to tap a button to toggle the prior channel. I want to be able to do this quickly without the possibility of potentially selecting a wrong channel.

That said, I was not aware of the arrow activated guide, that will be helpful in other use cases.

Yes, you can toggle back and forth between two channels. Details are in this article.