Add a second Hard Drive

Have a 2nd HD I wish to add to Tablo. Plugged it in but does not get recognized. Any particular steps that need to be taken.


Tablo has 2 USB ports, but only 1 of them can be used for a recognized hard drive.
The other is a spare.

Ok thanks. Had saw a old topic from back in 2014 where Tablo said it was a future enhancement, guess they really meant the future. :slight_smile:

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And they since then removed the size limitation on the drive that could be connected, so I don’t expect support for a second drive to ever be implemented.

Then what can I use the second USB port for?

Power a fan, light, …
Charge your cell phone, …

Charging your phone or tablet :wink: haha

[quote=“eek, post:5, topic:11750”]
Then what can I use the second USB port for?
[/quote]I use it to power an inline Antenna signal amp / booster.

Pretty much nothing useful.

Considering the issues people get when the power brick is unable to supply enough voltage to power the tablo, I wouldn’t want to draw any more power from it then what I need too.

After they enabled larger drives, using 2nd is off the radar

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I use mine for a small USB fan to keep the tablo cool.