Active Subscription - Doesn't record scheduled show

I have active subscription. But after latest version upgrade 2.2.2, many scheduled show are not getting recorded. The channel signal is strong i can watch the show on live TV. But recording does not happen. Recording works for very few shows (20% or so), but not for all.

This is serious issue. I need temporary work around, I have 30 scheduled show, 80% are not getting recorded.

Open a ticket with support.

That is unusual behavior. I haven’t had any of my schedules miss, but I have 10 or less each week. I second the motion for opening up a ticket.

I had the same problem last night. I had 4 shows scheduled & only one recorded. I could go into live tv and see the channel indicator light up like it is recording but they do not show up under Recordings.

Not sure if this will help your situation, but I discovered something interesting. I was having the same issue after updating firmware. I went into each scheduled timer, clicked edit, then done. Now it appears all are recording fine. So editing your timers or creating new timers may help get it to work again after the firmware update.

I tried that & it seems to be working. Fingers crossed… :sunglasses:

I did notice one thing strange after the update to 2.2.2 THough everything for the most part is operating normally, with no missed scheduled recordings, no buffering of live or recorded TV, no crashes, etc., there was something that had changed…

Yesterday, I set up a new router to replace my old Belkin N750DB. The new router is a TP Link Archer C7, and performance is noticably superior to my old Belkin. One of the reasons for upgrading, beyond the obvious improvements in performance, is that allows for IP address reservation based on the device’s MAC address. Setup was a matter of duplicating most of the configuration I had in my Belkin router, to allow for easier bringup of my network, .i.e. allowing all my connected devices to automatically connect to the new router. So, I kept my same old SSID, password, etc.

One of the configurations in the old Belkin router, that I hadn’t checked in a while, were the remote access ports, allowing me to connect to Tablo when off network. Ports that had worked with the previous firmware no longer worked with the new 2.2.2 firmware. So, I deleted the ports I had forwarded and let Tablo configure them for me.

I then noticed that the ports listed in the online Tablo manual were incorrect, and even differed from what I had been using previously, and further differed from another set of ports I had found on the message boards here. It’s not clear to me why the designers are constantly moving these ports around, but you’d think they would include any changes like that in their release notes. Or maybe they just prefer to let Tablo do the heavy lifting with the router, as I suspect port forwarding is something that the average user may have a problem with.

@shirkant Did you get a chance to send us a ticket? I’m sure we can get you up and running!