Active Channel Sync

Several times my Android based Tablo app has completely lost the active channel list while syncing to my Tablo. If I go to the “Edit Channel Lineup” screen it still shows 2 dozen channels selected. But because there are no “Active Channels” nothing is displayed when I go to the live TV screen. While some icons are displayed for upcoming TV shows and Movies, no schedule is shown when the icons are selected. This is NOT an issue with the Tablo itself since I have another Android device that continues to work just fine when this happens. The only way I have found to fix this is to clear the app data. That’s usually not a big deal but last week I was out of town and clearing the data also deletes the pairing between my phone and the Tablo. Has anyone else had this problem?

What Android device do you encounter this issue on?

Moto X4 with Android 9 (latest version available). 2.55Gb free memory. Current memory usage by Tablo app is 220Mb including 175Mb taken up by the app itself.

Have you tried clearing cache on the Tablo app to force it to resync all app data?

I did. It did nothing.