Accessing Tablo on second TV

My Tablo is connected to the main TV with ethernet. On my second TV I can’t access the Table to watch recordings. I guess it’s because the main unit is not Wi-Fi. Is that correct and what can I do to access Tablo recording on multiple TV’s?


What kind of TVs are these? Or what kind of streamer box (Roku, AppleTV, etc) are you using with each TV?

If all TVs/Streamer boxes are on your local LAN (Ethernet or Wifi), then they should all be able to access the Tablo.

My main Tv is also ethernet and my other 3 tv are wireless. I am using various types of roku but all work. You may also want to check that your 2nd Tv can receive the signal. I do use a wireless repeater to insure a consistant signal

Just to clarify - when this person says “signal” they are referring to your WiFi wireless network signal, not OTA signal.

OTA signal is only important for the connection to the Tablo.