Accessing other content on your Hard Drive through Tablo App

Is there any chance a feature like this would be added in the future? I’d love to be able to access my music and photos, etc. through my hard drive hooked up to the Tablo.

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Unfortunately no. The HDD is strictly for Tablo use.

I second this. The external hard drive can be shared. The other option is to be able save the show or shows I want to my local hard drive from the My Tablo web app on our computer.

There are programs that do this already. Just look in the forums for it.

Just FYI - we do not recommend using third-party programs to read the Tablo’s drive on a Windows machine.

We’ve had a few customres do this, only to have issues later. Upon further investigation, it appeared that many of these tools corrupted the disk; the only fix being to reformat the drive entirely.

I know about them. I would find it so much easier to just open Tablo’s WebApp and click Save.

Sharing the Tablo drive seems like a really bad idea. Any streaming box you can use the Tablo on can also read media from some other source. Set up another device to share the non-Tablo content.