Access recordings on new device or reformat drive

My first Quad died so I want to use my harddrive in my new one, but can’t figure out how to reformat the drive to reclaim the full space. Alternatively, if someone can help me access the recordings I’m happy to not reformat.

Sounds like this process may accomplish what you are wanting?

Moving your recordings to a new Tablo – Tablo (

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I had already looked at that, but my drive is internal SATA. I am able to record to the available free space on the drive with my new device, but am not able to access nor delete recordings that were recorded with the old device onto the same drive.

In this case, the Tablo’s overnight maintenance will delete the previously used space. If this doesn’t take care of itself within a day or two, send our team a note and we can take a look.

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Thanks. It did resolve itself.