Ability to save last X episodes automatically

Would like it if save last X episodes would work automatically. So if i want the latest five news programs i could set it that way.

Right now it saves last X episodes and stops…so i must chose auto…which saves everything and wastes my time to clean up old episodes and takes a lot longer to load on other devices.

Most the things i watch on tablo i just want new and dont care about old (Colbert, nightly world and local news).

I think this more has to do with the news shows not being shown as new or repeat. If you have a regular show set to new and only keep 5 episodes then it should only keep the last 5 new episodes. Since the news does not put new that is where the problem comes in.

Save last X episodes works exactly as you are asking it to. I record my nightly local news, the tonight show, and CBS Sunday morning. It records and saves the last 5 / 10. When the next episode airs, it records the new one and as soon as the new one is completed and processed, it auto deletes the oldest one.

Would definitely look into how the guide is identifying if the episodes are NEW or not.

Might try setting it to record ALL, especially if its nightly news, and then set your save last X accordingly. Probably better to also force a certain channel as well so it doesn’t grab the reruns on the secondary channels.

The only issue I would see is if you were using it for nightly talk shows in that it will grab the reruns when they re-air.

good thoughts… I’ll give record all instead of new a try and see if it will then overwrite. Thanks!

your and other poster response give me something to try. Thanks!