Ability to filter TV Shows by network

Ability to filter TV Shows by network. I live in an area where I can pick up channels in multiple cities. Often, even though it is the same network, the channel content is different. For example if I have two ABC networks I would like the ability to filter based on the network vs. the channel.

If you go to Prime Time/Tv Shows/Movies/Sports, you can filter shows by channel.

One popular request that will hopefully be done someday is to select a particular station you want to for a show. The Simpsons in my area is on different networks, one being the regular FOX network, and the other showing just reruns. At this time, if I select REC ALL, it will record shows from both networks.

It is smart enough to know that if you have two FOX channels, it will only record an episode from one of them, but the user can’t select which one.

@snowcat I know I can filter by channel, but look at my original request to see why I want a network filter.

I agree that the ability to select what channel a show records on is needed. I would also like the ability to select per show quality (720 vs. 1080). When I scheduled a bunch of recordings yesterday I found out that once it’s scheduled I could adjust what channel it was recorded on. Hopefully Tablo will remember my preference as new guide data gets downloaded. Only time will tell. I never select “Record All” on DVR’s because it will record new and repeats on the main network and all the syndication episodes on other networks filling up the DVR quickly.

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FYI - Our ‘record all’ will automatically skip episodes you’ve already got recorded.