Ability to continue streaming while viewing channel listing in Live TV

Why does the streaming stop in Live TV when we select the back button to view the channel listing?  Why can’t the current show stay playing in the little area to the right where the show’s cover art appears?  Better yet, use one area for what’s currently streaming and another to preview the cover art for whatever else we select.  There is so much wasted space on that page.  @TabloSupport What’s the fix for this?

Feature has already been requested. But yes no promise on a timeline or if even possible. What client do you want it on? This is likely possible on iPad or Android but probably not on the Roku, given no channel on the Roku has this capability at this point or that I’ve seen.

Ok so I’ve been cable-free for 5 years moving from just OTA to streaming EVERYTHING and just recently subscribed to Sling TV and while I did create this topic/thread I also apparently became very used to silence in between show selections. I was oddly annoyed using Sling TV as it would not shut up while I figured out what I wanted to watch. Amazing the psychological affect of not having cable for so long. So I am officially withdrawing my vote for this request.

I’d been wondering how to keep on watching while browing the channel list, until I realized this is simply not possible.
This was on Roku 3, which is very limited in terms of buttons. I just noticed the “down” arrow apparently does nothing; perhaps it could be used for such a feature?

I guess this will always be an issue: Tablo has its hands tied by third party devices and things like mass-reported Roku reboots don’t get fixed. Now if we could control the Tablo our way, with hardware made specifically by and for Tablo… (Never used a TiVo, but I can see this corresponds to their “Mini”.)