ABC in the philly area stutter and artifacts

I live in the philly market. I am approx 15-20 miles from the towers. I am getting a strong signal on ABC, and yet the artifacts and pixelation are pretty bad all of sudden.

I’ve checked the signals and they are more than adequate, above 80 on my tv.

I am experiencing this on a aftv, atv4 and both the iPad and iPhone.

I am running the most current versions of the Tablo on all devices and iOS devices.

Recordings are set below the standard at 720p, 3mbps.

I am using zyxel power line Ethernet adapters to connect everything.

Every other channel is picture perfect, nomstuttuering, pausing, artifacting or pause or replay of audio (last couple of seconds).

The wd slim 2tb hard is an approved hd.

This behavior is also happening in the web app as well.

I’ve reset the router, cable modem, and the Tablo. Any ideas what may be going on?

Forgot to reply, hooking up the antenna directly to the tv results in a solid signal with none of the above behavior…

Ticket has been submitted, waiting on a reply.

I’m experiencing the same situation on one channel in the Kansas City area.

Were you able to resolve this issue?

Not yet. I let my Tablo in remote access mode. No one has contacted me from Tablo regarding this since earlier this week.

Hopefully they are or will look at it today…

No reply as if yet. But I see the tablo is no longer blinking like it is in recovery mode.

I’ll see if they post anything to my support ticket and let you know.

If I don’t hear anything back by Sunday am, I’ll try a little antenna adjustment and see how it goes.

Ok a little nudge on the antenna. Channel scan and that seemed to resolve the problem for now.

I also put some tinfoil on the antenna arm(don’t know what they are actually called). This from a Reddit

ABC is now back to normal. I guess I may need to adjust the antenna from time to time and I can handle that.

Seems like another adjustment may be needed. Pixelation and stuttering are back again…

Maybe I need something dedicated to pick up this channel and combine the two antennas. I have no idea how to accomplish this, but I’ve seen it mentioned so it must be possible.

I know it’s hard to get, but it has been working fine Since I adjusted the antenna last Friday. I had a full set of green bars and a channel scan showed only three tonight. I’ll see what happens after the weather clears first though. It could be the nor’easter we are dealing with right now…

I wish the support team would have responded to my ticket last week and let me know if they found anything after I left it in remote access mode. I don’t even know if they looked at the Tablo and if they found anything.

@Canons900 Hey there - it looks like we sent over a note last week, and we’d confirmed this was a brief antenna issue! We were under the impression you were good to go!

It seems to be weather related. The issue I recently reported.

I did not receive a note regarding my support request. The last communication I had was that I put the device in remote access mode. I did not get a reply to that email.

Just so you know, I replied 2-3 times asking if they found anything. But I did not get any type of email reply.

Do you know what the antenna issue actually was? Because I re-positioned the antenna later that Friday night and it has worked very well since then.

The other night, we were having some weather with the nor’easter and that could have been the reason it was acting up again.

All in all, I am good for now. Just curious as to why I did not get the email response. And if you were able to determine the actual issue related to the antenna.