A Wishlist for Tablo

Would like a wishlist option so that Tablo can continue to search for a desire movie that may not be in the 14 day slot.
That way you can forget about it and let Tablo record it when the movie shows.

You mean you want a more than 14 day guide?

Or just for the Tablo to record a show with a keyword? Like record all movies with “Bourne” in it?

That would be nice!

Let’s say I’m looking for the movie Breakdown and I can’t find it. I could tell Tablo to keep an eye out for it and to record it even if it was broadcast two months from now.
Something like Tivo does.

This would be awesome. Not sure they’ll ever do it, but if they do, this would be a warm welcomed addition.

Often I hear about a show coming out in <more than 2 weeks>, and by the time the show rolls around I forgot to record it, as the Tablo only sees 2 weeks in advance. If I can tell it to record show name X, and have it check for that show on it’s own, that would be :thumbsup:

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