A successful use of the tablo app remote viewing

On Sunday I was watching the Broncos v Colts game. Naturally, we had to go to the store to get groceries. I was able to push the cart, wander around the store, and watch the game on my phone to stay up to date and see what’s happening. I managed to run into only 1 display. :smile: while watching the last quarter of the game.

Just wanted to say it was cool.


Your fellow shoppers probably were glad that they didn’t wind up under your cart. We’re glad you enjoyed using Tablo Connect. I’ll call that WIN-WIN.

Nicely done! I’ll admit that I was travelling recently, had about an hour in a remote airport terminal prior to boarding, so I fired up my laptop, connected to airport wifi, then began streaming a football game from my home antenna hundreds of miles away via Tablo - all just “because I could.” Soon a few others moved in closer to watch with me. :slight_smile:

Tablo for the win!


Would be great if the Tablo streaming is supported by the new Free Video Streaming offer from Tmobile. Sling box was on their list, so it means that they do support streaming TV contents from home. Maybe Tablo can work with Tmobile to get their app added to their list?

Here’s what Tmobile says:
"Like Music Freedom, Binge On is open to any legit streaming service (with lawful content) out there – at absolutely no cost to them. They just need to contact us and work with us on the technical requirements, optimization for mobile viewing and confirm we can consistently identify their incoming music or video streams. Content providers can learn more by going to www.T-Mobile.com/BingeOn."

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@kamy2015 - We don’t currently have a relationship with TMobile but perhaps as we grow we could do this.

What’s the secret to successful remote viewing? I have tried repeatly over the last few days to watch live tv away from the house. It runs about 5 to 10 secs. Then the little circle starts rotating and I get another 5 to 10 secs. This goes on and on. I have tried several different channels and all do the same.

I can watch on my phone at home over my wifi and it works ok. Just not remotely.

Nothing is on at the house when I do this. I am not recording or is anyone watching on my ROKU or any other device.

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What I’ve absorbed about this T-mobile news is that for participating apps/services, they’re limiting streams to 480. Which is probably fine on smaller mobile device screens. Dunno how that would pan out for Tablo and it’s variety of resolutions?

As far as a “relationship” with T-Mobile, one article mentioned a contact for video services (Tablo) to inquire with T-Mobile in order to secure requirements needed to participate or submit apps written to accommodate this change.

480p is actually pretty acceptable on my phablet (note 4). I have lots of TV series encoded in 480p and they look pretty good on the phone, or even my 8.4 inch Galaxy Tab S. It’ll be interesting to see whether Tmobile’s backbone can support this surge in data usage on their network.

If Tablo can work with Tmobile to make this happen, I think it will be great advertisement for Tablo to say user can now stream Tablo for free and without limit anywhere in the US under Tmobile network; especially if they can make this happen before Tivo. Just my $.02 :smiley:

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Thanks Philsoft. I lowered my remote speed from 1 meg to 500 and that seems to work. I didn’t realize there was a setting for that.


I love my Tablo TV, and this would be an amazing opportunity and partnership for Tablo TV and Tablo subscribers.

From T-Mobile: If you are a streaming service provider Click here (Bingeon@t-mobile.com), send us an email and we’ll get back to you to begin the process. For more information about technical criteria, Click here (http://www.t-mobile.com/content/dam/tmo/en-g/pdf/BingeOn-Video-Technical-Criteria-November-2015.pdf).

I also support T-Mobile for their innovative policies that are changing the mobile telephone/data industry.