'A Playback error occurred'

New Quad unit locked into screen that reads ‘A playback error occurred’ - and an option link appears: ‘Try Again’ and ‘Cancel’. Pressing both Try Again and Cancel gets no change. The message keeps highlighting one or the other, but does neither command. I unplugged wire, but still can not get to Tablo home page.

How can I resolve this error and watch Tablo??

Is this with the Fire TV?

Reboot your router, Tablo and playback device (in that order).

No, not with Fire TV. I will reboot router. Thanks for quick reply.

OK, I am stuck! I rebooted the router, and then again unplugged the 4 Tablo connecting cables, and the portable storage unit. Tablo is still locked on Try again/Cancel. I guess I will need to return the Tablo. Anyone can help, please reply. Thanks.

What streaming device are you using to access the Tablo DVR?

Tablo probably not connected to viable local network. Does it work with other streaming devices? Using ether cable or wifi to connect to router?

Lotsa variables should open a ticket. Although they don’t support much over weekends. Do that first but provide more details here and other users may be able to help.

I am sorry, I do not know about a streaming device. I have the Tablo hardwired for internet streaming, and WiFi for the other two locations. (The other two locations are not locked up.)

Thanks, but most of the television streaming innovations are something I do not fully understand. I thought re-booting both the router and the Tablo would correct the situation. The other two Wifi TV locations still work fine, it is only the hardwired streaming that is locked-up. Guess I will need to call tech support on Monday. Thanks for your information.

You’re not using a streaming device (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV) to access your Table DVR so that means you’re using the Tablo app installed on your TVs.

Have you tried closing the Tablo app on your TV? If that doesn’t work, you could try deleting the app and reinstalling it.

OK, thanks. I am using Apple TV to stream to Tablo. I will try unplugging it and see what happens.

EXCELLENT. You had the answer. I re-booted the Apple TV and Tablo plays great! Thank you so very much. I also now know what type device Fire TV is.