A playback error occurred on live TV and recordings


@TabloSupport @TabloTV I’m running an old (not the latest) Quad Tablo and my devices are all Nvidia Shield Android TV’s. I use the latest Tablo Preview beta so I can have access to commercial skipping. All devices are hard wired Ethernet.

Randomly I get the error “A playback error occurred” and once I click try again it starts working. This is annoying and doesn’t happen in the classic Tablo player.

Anything that can be done to fix this or is it just part of being in the Tablo Beta for the Quad and Preview Player?

Tablo Preview software version 1.7
Tablo Quad firmware version 2.2.26


Disk issue developing maybe? Tablo Support will need to look at the logs. I use the 4-tuner V2.2.26 and Nvidia Shield with the preview app and do not see this issue.


Is this happening on all player sessions? Or is there anything specific: just live TV, certain channels, recordings, or recordings in progress? All of the above?


It’s pretty random but it does occur during live TV (doesn’t matter the channel), recordings on any tv show and recordings in progress.

If someone wants to look at the logs here are two times I know it occurred.

7/11 Between 9-10pm watching Big Brother on 32 CBS
7/12 Between 11 and 12 watching The Price is Right on 32 CBS.

Both of these examples are for recordings in progress so if I need to look at the hard drive, I can do that.