A lot of "clicks" to watch a show

Does anyone else find it a bit annoying in how many clicks it takes to get to the point to watch a recorded show?

Unless there is a way to bypass all those clicks that I haven’t found (Roku App I’m speaking of) then it just seems like way to many…from the recordings screen…I think there’s about 4 clicks just to get it to play (1 to enter the show “folder”, 1 for episodes, 1 to pick the episode - even if there’s only one, 1 to click watch).

In other DVRs I’ve had once you click the show’s folder, you can select the episode and hit play from there, or click it for more details. Also if there’s only one episode you can hit play from the top level (because there’s no sense of a folder) or click it to read the synopsis.

A minor annoyance, but I do find myself thinking each time that darn there’s a lot of clicks here.

Plus whenever you need a lot of clicks to do something (select, play, delete(s), 30s jump >, 20s jump <, on a touchscreen device it becomes especially frustrating, IMO.

It’s not as if you have a tactical remote button under your thumb/finger and multiple presses happen accurately while you focus on the TV screen.

With touchscreen controls you almost gotta watch (aim) the touchscreen instead of the media content?

Not complaining as much as describing a noticeable change in operational nuances for this type of TV player/recorder device.