A Little Guidance for Two Rokus that Stopped Connecting to Tablo

EDIT: Looks like after three days both Rokus died completely. But after more investigating it looks like it was HEAT. After working with both Rokus, I cooled them in the freezer and they both work as always. Maybe this will help another user.

I may just need an opinion or suggestion. I have had two Roku sticks for a year or two. They both worked perfectly with my Tablo dual. Also on the Rokus, I have Netflix, Plex, PBS, YouTube, Pluto and several other streaming channels. Tuesday, from the main Roku screen, I chose the Tablo TV app and Tablo was never found by the Roku. More investigating showed that the other Roku (on a different TV) could also not find the Tablo. Both Rokus will Still open all the other apps, just not the Tablo. I Can connect and use Tablo on my computer, on my iPhone and on my iPad. It’s only that neither Roku can find the Tablo.

Tablo is hard wired to server.
I powered down the server, Roku and Tablo (from the 120v receptacle)(several times)
Waited 20 minutes and restarted them in the same order with time for each boot.
Uninstalled and reinstalled the Tablo app on the Roku.
Checked for software updates.

Does this look like both Rokus have been hit with a glitch that will not see the Tablo?

The one thing I didn’t see you do is reboot your router. Usually when a device can’t see the Tablo, a router reboot fixes it.

Thanks Snowcat. I edited my post. Looks like it was Heat! For my information, I was using SERVER and ROUTER interchangeably. Is this not correct?




Hi folks - We just pushed another quick update to Tablo’s Roku channel (v. 2.16.0). This is a tiny fix for an issue affecting a small subset of folks who weren’t able to connect to their Tablo via 2.15.0.

If this was affecting you and you’d like to update your Roku immediately go to the Roku’s SETTINGS screen > SYSTEM > SYSTEM UPDATE.

A server is usually a computer, while a router is the device that handles all your network traffic.

Was the heat from the rokus or the Tablo?

Heat from the Roku stick. The Tablo works great. I’ll remember about Server and Router.
Snowcat, I see your posts a lot. Thanks for all your input. Tommy

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I have a Roku stick, and it does get warm. I have a short HDMI cable in between the stick and the TV which helps.

Pretty sure it was this and not heat @mahrudet. Willing to be proven wrong but I’d bet some money on it.

Sorry you ran into it in the first place but glad you’re back up & running.