A little disappointed in tablo for nexus player

Just got my nexus player. Installed all sorts of things and the tablo app? Not nearly as awesome as the roku tablo channel. Is it just the nexus player or is it the android TV app?

No thumbnail when ffw or rewind? Slower to load? I mean I use to complain about the roku channel being slow but this version on the nexus player…while not horrible is disappointingly slow to load.

I mean its interesting that when tablo came out that it was really designed for tablets (wasn’t available for phones) and roku was almost an after thought. Then it seems tablo realized the roku demand and put a priority on the roku channel. Way big improvement. Now the android TV app appears to just be the tablet app (which is acceptable) but if true it shows than the original planned device for tablo is no longer the focus.

Sure I am babbling…but I do find the turn of events fascinating. Glad I still have a roku laying around.

Thumbnails are coming to Android TV in the next update. Not sure why it’s slower for you than Roku… Generally we’ve found Nexus to be quite fast.

If you’d like you can place a ticket and we can investigate.