A "delete video only" option in addition to a "delete" option

Recently we have been recording old TV shows. Tablo does a great job of keeping track of duplicates and only recording episodes it doesn’t already have.

However, once we watch an episode and “delete” it, Tablo will kindly re-record that episode for us if it airs again. If you are trying to binge watch multiple seasons, this gets confusing because episodes you already watch suddenly show up again.

So I’d like to propose some kind of “delete recording only” option. This would work pretty much like the “Mark Watched” feature only it would also delete the video off the disk (freeing up space). Like “Marked Watched”, the episode would be KEPT under recordings but the video file for that episode is no longer available. I’m sure a simple color or icon can indicate this. By doing this, you can see that you watched and episode and Tablo won’t re-record it but the actual video isn’t available anymore so disk space is saved.


+1 for this!

If you combine this with an option to only auto delete (video only) watched episodes, the Tablo will become more of an automated platform and I will never have to manage recordings manually again!
Please :pray: do this!

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Mark me as a +1 for this feature too.

Originally I didn’t see the usefulness of this feature. But now as I’ve been watching a lot of old programs that are now in syndication, I can now see where this would be a useful feature.

One example would be for Big Bang Theory. Since there are no longer any “New” programs, I have to use the “Record All” option to record this program. After I’ve deleted Season 1, when it’s aired again, it’s record it again.

Maybe instead of “Delete Video Only”, it could be called “Delete-Don’t Repeat”. In the program’s listings where the blue dot (unwatched) indicator is located, mark it with something like a red dot or a red ‘X’. This would indicate that the episode has been deleted and won’t be repeated.
To undo this operation, simply press the “Rec” button and the selected episode would be recorded again.

This will also be useful in combination with the “Keep X recording” feature. So I can keep a rotating window of Seinfeld episodes I know I haven’t seen before without completely consuming my storage.

I support this request

This is a good request accept with an option to mark a recording as “bad” so it will record the episode again. Sometimes a show is bumped or interrupted. Separately but in a similar vane I would like to have the option to not record episodes without proper episode information. I get that a lot. Sometimes old shows are listed with the recording time in place of an episode number or name.

I would think the act of unmarking the episode as “watched” would tell tablo to rerecord a better airing of the episode.

Basically the idea is to keep watch history on episodes even after the show has been deleted to know if tablo should record it.

Would also be cool to tell tablo what episodes I have already watched through other means like Netflix.

When you delete an episode and record all is enabled it will record it again. I was thinking that if they implemented the other feature to not record it again they should implement the bad recording option. Totally not needed as things are right now.

Kind of like two options on a show designated “record all”. “Delete and record next airing” or “delete”.