A "delete video only" option in addition to a "delete" option

Recently we have been recording old TV shows. Tablo does a great job of keeping track of duplicates and only recording episodes it doesn’t already have.

However, once we watch an episode and “delete” it, Tablo will kindly re-record that episode for us if it airs again. If you are trying to binge watch multiple seasons, this gets confusing because episodes you already watch suddenly show up again.

So I’d like to propose some kind of “delete recording only” option. This would work pretty much like the “Mark Watched” feature only it would also delete the video off the disk (freeing up space). Like “Marked Watched”, the episode would be KEPT under recordings but the video file for that episode is no longer available. I’m sure a simple color or icon can indicate this. By doing this, you can see that you watched and episode and Tablo won’t re-record it but the actual video isn’t available anymore so disk space is saved.