"A connection to your Tablo could not be established"

I had to re-route my internet cable in the house, so I turned off my router.

Once I was done, I turned it back on and my WIFI was back up and running. I verified the WIFI was working on my phone and Netflix was working too.

I showed my wife the Tablo Preview channel on Roku, very nice setup.

I cannot get the original Tablo channel to work now. I did the firmware update and I cannot find the Tablow via WIFI with my Iphone. There is no connection between the Iphone and Tablo, but I can watch my recordings on the Tablo Preview channel.

Try turning the WiFi on you phone off, then back on. It might need to reconnect since the router was turned off. Also try pressing the button and unplug Tablo. Wait 10 seconds and plug back in.

@chadzeilenga - The first law of Tablo troubleshooting is always to reboot your router, wait 5 minutes, then reboot your Tablo (quick click of the reset button), wait 5 minutes then reboot the device you’re trying to access it on (Roku). Then wait 5 minutes and try to connect again.

If you’re still having trouble, touch base with our support team: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new