A comment about the Grid or lack of it

At the risk of beating this “dead horse”. I wish I had an option to have a a real grid for the 14 days guide option as was imp-lied when I first signed on. The reason is simple. I would easily see programs which I wish to record that might conflict with others and I could make my choice while seeing the impact on the rest of the programming on the grid. I do like the “Netflix style” guide and really do use it but it does not show that you are putting yourself in a conflict because you are just clicking pictures. When you only have a 2-tuner model you have to make choices.

While speaking of the grid, I would like the entire program segment in the both the daily grid and the one I want, “colored” when it is scheduled for recording rather than just a tiny flag in the upper right corner. My recording plan would show up easier to see and I could see all the scheduled activity/potential conflicts at a glance.

While on the grid and showing the program segments being recorded it would be super if I could “grab” an end of the recording segment and stretch it to the right or left to change the start time or end time of that program. I would get the start of many programs that start minutes before the top-of-the-hour. NCIS being one in my area that starts early.

OK, maybe this is not the place for these comments/requests but someone with better knowledge than me can copy and paste them where they might belong.

[quote=“Star, post:1, topic:13114”]
maybe this is not the place for these comments/request
[/quote]This is definitely one of the places for this type of requests. I will also point out that Tablo regularly sends out surveys to active customers and in these surveys they always ask for new feature requests.

I see these forums as a good place to work through how the new features could work and to drum up support but if you want the feature to get implemented, it will need to be one that others also ask for in the surveys. Most requested features get added first.

As for your request, I cant say it would make my request list, I rarely to never use the grid for anything but I can see how it might benefit others. You probably already know this and its not as helpful but even when using the thumbnail view to schedule recordings, it does let you know when you have created a conflict in its own conflict section. Or at least it does on the web, I THINK I saw they were working on a better notifier for Roku too but it wasn’t out yet.

Having the grid isn’t going to solve the conflict problem. As soon as there’s a programming schedule change you could get one. So you have to check the “Conflicts” tab of the Scheduled page regularly anyway…

My process is simple. Go to the Prime Time section of the “TV Shows” page and record anything that looks interesting. Then go to the conflicts tab and fix things as needed. I don’t really care what day or time the shows are on.

I also have the 2-tuner and I agree the 14 day guide leaves a lot to be desired, especially when trying to find alternate showings.

The conflict resolution tools, or lack there-of, need more help than the guide. If you get a conflict (which is pretty common with the 2-tuner), it only shows the most recently added recording as being in conflict with something, but not what. Everything that conflicts needs to be identified, not just the latest.

Many shows are on again later (late at night or weekends). Being able to see all the shows that conflict lets me check other guides to see which shows will run a second time for the night-owls and move the recording time to that showing.

I received, and completed, one of those surveys. It was a bunch of yes/no questions. I didn’t provide much in the way of allowing me to provide actual feedback.

[quote=“eek, post:4, topic:13114”]
I received, and completed, one of those surveys. It was a bunch of yes/no questions. I didn’t provide much in the way of allowing me to provide actual feedback.
[/quote]Agree, the last one didn’t have much to elaborate on. But it did still have the question asking what feature you most want to be implemented.

The last 2 or 3 surveys before that asked you for your top 3 (or maybe 5?) in order of preference and provided a box for more detail / backup.

As a consumer myself, I prefer the latter and too was disappointed that the latest survey didn’t give room for me to list more requests but I also often have to compile surveys in my day to day job and know that if you give the customer too much room its almost impossible to ascertain what is actually the MOST important to them, making aggregation of data difficult.

They probably wanted a very clear and to the point list without having to try to decipher ambiguous descriptions.

\I use the desktop app (browser) for this and it works pretty food. I see all the shows scheduled and can choose which one I want to remove from the schedule. No complaints in this department.