A channel scanned as GOOD signal but I can’t watch

I have a channel (5-2) scanned as 5-dot-green good signal but when I tuned in live TV, it says weak signal, and the other 2 sub channels (5-1 & 5-3) are just working fine. What could possibly be the reason?

Can you do a rescan? Channels are moving around due to the repack.

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Hey, I’ve rescanned couple of times. It still doesn’t work.

5-3 is not even listed there on your scan.

You might have to open a support ticket directly with Tablo. Get them to check your scan logs.

So when directly connected to your HDTV, you get all the channels?

Sry, I meant 5-4. The thing is I could watch all channels like 2 days ago. Now, I just noticed I lost 5-4 as well.

Looks like NYC area.

In addition to 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 - 5.2 stopped working recently for me too.