9 Seconds to Switch Channels

Is it normal when you watch Live TV on TV to take 9 seconds to switch a channel?
I have:
Tablo Dual Lite
Roku model 7000X SW 9.4.0 build 4200
Firmware 2.2.34
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 0004 2TB USB 3.0
Channel Master Flatenna
Arris TG1682G

Yes, it can take that long with the network units like yours. The HDMI units are faster, since they don’t transcode all content.

Thanks! I’m new to this website. Do I need to do anything to close my request?

I’ll by request you mean this post, you could request it be closed by a moderator I suppose. Tablo has a direct support methods like opening tickets with them directly as well but it sounds like you are just talking about this post.

Yes. It looks like I don’t need to close or delete.

You might try splitting your antenna coax so one side goes to your Tv and the other to the Tablo. Then just use your tv’s tuner to watch OTA live. Your two tuners in the Tablo will be used for recording only. You may or may not get a small signal loss from splitting. Mine went from 5 bars (tv tuner) down to 4…no noticeable picture quality loss. Generally this works best when the antenna goes to only one tv with no splits upstream.

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Thank you.

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