7:01 8:31 9:01 etc

My problem with it is, the software should be smart enough to know that shows don’t start at 1 minute past the half hour mark. i.e. 8:31 or 9:01. This is just common sense and should be programmed in to compensate for bad data. Shows that list in the Coming Soon scheduled tab actually end up missing the start of the show. Oddly enough many of the same shows End one minute late all on their own. So they know enough to record for say 30 minutes but not actually start on time.

Simple software fix, look at the start time, if it looks stupid round it to the nearest half hour mark or even quarter hour mark. .

WTOL-DT - 11.1 Wed, 10/02, 9:01 PM 59 min

Single Parents
WTVG-DT - 13.1 Wed, 10/02, 9:31 PM 29 min

The Unicorn
WTOL-DT - 11.1 Thu, 10/03, 8:31 PM 30 min

WTOL-DT - 11.1 Thu, 10/03, 9:01 PM 29 min

A Million Little Things
WTVG-DT - 13.1 Thu, 10/03, 9:01 PM 1 hr

How to Get Away with Murder
WTVG-DT - 13.1 Thu, 10/03, 10:01 PM 59 min

These were just some randomly picked network show from titantv.com TV listings. This is many, at what point is “far too” many? I didn’t look too deep.

OR - why not a minute later to avoid these 1 minute overlaps, since there isn’t much for conflict resolution.

The reason that there are options for +/- start/end times is because there were actual stations that started at 8:01 and ended at 8:31.

My Fox station is supplying a Mask Singer start as 8:00PM and end time of 9:01PM. Should tablo’s guide provider believe them?

Show scheduling doesn’t have the automatic add/substract of a few minutes, like it use to, because of scheduling conflict resolution.

It’s almost like they are compensating for setup times, i.e. it takes xx time to change the tuner, prep a file, start the recording, etc. Hopefully this is not the case. If it is it would be pretty lame. I can see something like missing 5 seconds due to setup time, certainly not a minute.

If scheduled time indicates plus or minus 2 minutes based on the Base recording time round to the nearest 15 minute mark, problem solved. Then apply any user specified offsets.

I missed this aspect in your post. More or less your saying it has nothing to do with the Tablo at all.

In this case I propose the software try to tighten the gap as close as possible to the quarter hour mark while not creating conflicts. This would not be difficult to accomplish.

Show is set to start at 9:01 and no other tuners needed or will conflict round it to 9:00, if a conflict would occur leave it alone or pull it as close to 9 as possible without creating a conflict.

I have the Quad, so for me only recording the 4 main network and nothing else I shouldn’t ever see any conflicts with recordings. That being said I can also just manually adjust all the shows to record early. Still I would love to see smarter software.

Yea, for some reason, “hit” shows are 31min long, kicking the next to start at 9:31, and eventually lasting 29min. Now if it’s actually scheduled to start at 9:00 and tablo starts at 9:31, well.
With typical Americans having such short attentions spans, and a moment to switch away (as if someone watched live TV), many shows blend right into the next - there’s no time. Long gone are the minute long opening credits with a memorable song.

There’s a lot of discussion regarding tablo’s virtually lack of any conflict resolution - with out manual resolution. If you’re willing to loose a minute at the end so as not loose an entire show due to this overlap, here’s some post about how someone figured out time can be shifted either direction by how many seconds you want.

As long as someday never happens :neutral_face: I have a dual lite, it doesn’t happen often, compensate for some - sometimes, how important is this stuff really?

Glad I got the quad.

I’ve got 3 2-tuners and have never had any problem with the various conflict resolution schemes used over the last 5 years. And yes there is conflict resolution.

The problem is that everyone wants their own version of conflict resolution.

Tablo provided the settings necessary to accomplished what any one specific problem should need.

I know these options exist and am able to use them if needed. I really don’t want the general scheme changed to solve a problem I don’t have. All that does is introduce problems.

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Basically tablo’s resolution is to record the first scheduled show, that’s not actually a setting.

Generally I don’t have issues, for the most part, this device is autonomous, it should have some actual settings to automate resolution - including disabling for those who don’t want any.

Some users needs a screensaver because they walk away from the TV and when it goes silent… apparently they weren’t listening to it anyhow, how do they know it’s still on?? - users can’t be responsible to turn off the TV when they’re done… really, how can we be expected to keep up resolving our own scheduling conflicts?

It’s not :moneybag: an option for :heavy_dollar_sign: everyone :money_mouth_face:

yea, I’m glad :money_with_wings: I just got one.

Your statement isn’t completely correct. If you are recording 3 or 4 programs that all end at the same time and then want to continue to record 2 or more programs immediately after, you will have a conflict. The Tablo must stop recording one program before it can free the tuner to start recording a new program, even if they are on the same station, you will lose probably a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds between the end of one show and the beginning of the next show and that can mean missing the beginning of the show. I own two Tablo 4 tuner models and try to record ABC, FOW and The CW on one unit and CBS, NBC and PBS on the other unit just to help avoid conflicts.

The networks are the ones running some shows a minute or two long and others short in an effort to keep viewers from changing channels and it definitely causes problems for DVR’S. The guides are usually correct when they show start and end times that don’t fall exactly on the hour or half hour.

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If a single tuner is recording a show on say 3.1 and then another show right after on 3.1 all it should have to do is break the stream at the correct points into two files, 1st show and 2nd show. If it’s loosing 20-30 seconds well they have a serious engineering problem. I can see perhaps loosing a fraction of a second, but that’s about it.

Even worse if it’s not able to record two overlapping streams from the same channel, 8:59 PM to 9:31 PM and 9:29 PM to 10:01 PM from the same tuner well that’s even more of an engineering mess. All other DVR’s I’ve worked with can handle this concept without issue. Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding.

Lol this should never happen. The guide data is at least consistent in if a show ends at 931 pm, then next show starts at 931 pm, it doesn’t start at 929 pm.

I believe this to be a misunderstanding. DumNet show StoopidShow1 from 8:59 PM - 9:31 PM 30min Then same DunNet starts StoopidShow2 at 9:29 PM… before StoopidShow1 actually ended!!! for a 30min broadcast.

Well, you’ll need to setup your DVR in a TARDIS for conflict resolution because I don’t think Nuvyyo or anyone could engineer around that scheduling mess.

So just to get a good understanding on this, if I set each of the shows you mention to start recording 2 mins early on the same channel will I end up with two 32 minute shows? That’s all I’m really looking for. I’m not too concerned with the scheduling paradoxes so long as the Tablo will record each show in it’s entirety with a little extra padding for good measure. Hopefully it can do this using the same tuner on the same channel, if not I’ll have to get use to the oddities.

I don’t know the trade secret explicit details - it uses a single turner per recording show/live TV watching stream.

If you intervene in the automated process and create a conflict, I would expect it to use one of the other tuners available, or putter out on the conflict page.

Same tuner same channel maybe one tuner one show, until it’s done. You call it engineering mess, different view may see it as scheduling mess, another possibility could be OCD mess.

A work-around. Set a manual recording from 8:57pm - 10:03pm so you have absolute control, since the network, guide and tablo doesn’t suite your needs - just don’t forget you left the TV on when the show is over :poop:

Two shows that I record all the time that DO start a few min’s after the mark…Young Sheldon…it used to air after Big Bang Theory which always ran 2 min’s late (don’t know why)…and Late Night with Seth…it starts at 11:37 PM…I’m not entirely sure why, but everything after the 10PM news seems to start 5-10 min’s after the top or respective bottom of the hour…don’t know why…but I would be really annoyed with Tablo if they didn’t take the time the provider SAYS it’ll start and use it…

I’m actually cool with all of this, so long as the shows don’t miss content either via a smarter scheduler or manual time extensions (2 mins early). In the case of Young Sheldon my wife and I watched the last one and it missed the very beginning. Superstore also had something similar. I set most of the half hour shows to record 2 mins early, now I’m a bit concerned this will somehow mess up other shows endings. I really hope not as with DirecTV we’ve always recorded early and the endings of shows are never missed. I guess I’ll find out.

Originally there was extra padding and it caused too many scheduling conflicts.

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My recording of Yong Sheldon starts in the middle of a commercial just prior to the beginning of the show, ends with the credits and “next on…”

Superstore started in a commercial prior to the start of the show - went into the credits as the show was ending with a “hey hey hey” while pointing at something. may have been the end - or I might be missing something critical.

I just schedule the show and let tablo figure out the timing. (I’ll admit I do have OCD issues, but seconds of a network sit-com are not my issues)