5 minutes long?

Most of my recordings seem to go roughly 5 minutes long.  Some are 4:XX minutes and some are just a few seconds over 5 minutes extra.  Other people seeing this too?

No, most of my recordings are successful. One hour to three hours

My recordings are mostly awesome! They are always complete. I just have antenna issues once in a while.

@YYC_TV - This sounds like you might be having disconnect issues with your HD. It may ‘look’ connected but it may be going to sleep or disconnecting in the midst of recordings.

Touch base with support and they may be able to confirm this diagnosis for you. You can also try a different HD.

I don’t think you understand: in my original post the key word was “extra”.  Actually maybe my first sentence is misleading.  Let me explain again and be more clear this time:

+ I record an hour long show and what I end up with is a recording that’s 1:05
+ I record a half hour show and what I end up with is a recording that’s 0:35

So I get the whole show plus an extra 5 minutes at the end (plus or minus 5-10 seconds).

Aha - yes, I misunderstood!

We do provide a bit of a buffer on either side of the show to make sure you don’t miss anything so this is normal. 

@TabloTV - Assuming a 2 Tuner Tablo - 2 shows set to record the same night,  Show 1 on Channel A (8pm start. 1H), and Show 2 on Channel B (8pm start, 1H).  This means that these recording both go to 9:05pm (approximately).

What happens when I schedule Show 3 on Channel A at 9pm (1H) the same night?  Is Tablo smart enough to recognize that I really want to record Channel A from 8pm-10pm, or does the 9PM show trigger a conflict? (9PM show scheduled, but no tuners available until 9:05pm?)

We only record buffers if there’s no abutting recordings. In that case, the buffer is not recorded.