5.1 Surround Sound on Tablo [Offical Tablo Response/Position?]


We need to compare the Tablo app to other live TV apps on streaming devices. There are three main ones out there: WatchESPN, Sling, and Playstation VUE.

Just like the Tablo, none of them are capable of 5.1 surround sound. It is just too hard to send multiple audio streams of live video that support all the clients out there.


@TabloTV thanks very much for responding, I was surprised to learn you guys don’t work weekends and holidays (just kidding :slight_smile:

Maybe I didn’t do a good job searching, but could not find a recent post on this. Your explanation on why this is not easy to do makes sense.

However, as @sastoller mentioned, I personally feel that you guys should prioritize this based on the number of threads on this topic and the fact that most other sources such as netflix, amazon etc have this. I get it that there are technical differences and understand the technical reasons, but from an end user perspective (at least speaking for myself) more than 60% of my TV watching is thru Tablo. I have Sonos 5.1 setup on my main tv and another 5.1 setup in my basement, so this would be really nice to have.

When I first jumped on Tablo a couple of years ago there was a lot improvements that needed be made from the UI to thumbnails on FF and a bunch of others. You guys have done an awesome in knocking these out one by one to get Tablo to a place where it is now not just for early adopters. I just feel 5.1 should be the next big thing on your list.

Don’t get me wrong, very happy with Tablo and all the great work you guys do, but please give us 5.1 :slight_smile:


Hulu doesn’t have 5.1 either…just stereo.


I could be wrong, but the HDHomeRun appears to handle streaming 5.1 audio just fine. Also streams to multiple devices.


It’s my understanding that you lose surround sound when using transcoded EXTEND streams on HDHomeRun. I know this used to be the case. I don’t own one, maybe somebody else can comment.


For those of you DYING for 5.1, Tablo DROID is for you :heart:



But that’s just for the TV directly connected to it right? Or does the DVR piece preserve the 5.1 as well?


Tablo DROID is a bit different than a traditional Tablo in that it does not offer streaming so yes, it’s only for the 1 TV but if you want 5.1, DROID + a Shield is a good way to accomplish that.

Tablo Droid has newly announced competition from HDHomeRun and Google

I like the idea overall, I’m not sure how much it helps me. Can you answer a few questions?

I need to buy an Nvidia shield, USB OTA Tuner, BUT I won’t be able to sync with my current 2 year old?

Can I stream with this setup outside the house? Or even to a smartphone?

Is this a standalone thing, or does this integrate with the Tablo DVR in any way?


Ah, I see this now, I jumped the gun too soon.

Nevermind, no answer needed.

I bought a Tablo 2+ years ago with a promise of 5.1. 2 years later, 5.1 is not implemented because it’s hard (I get it, sure). But now you come out with new hardware that can support 5.1 (as was predicted by many, including myself), but in order to get 5.1 on my current setup, I need to shell out a ton more money and it wont connect with my standalone DVR.

Sigh, that’s what I get for being an early adopter.


The “new hardware” is just a two tuner USB stick. It is a one TV solution, very different from the Tablo that we all have been using for years.

I don’t blame the Tablo folks from expanding out in this direction, though this implementation is very limited.


See my post above, first 12 words “I like the idea overall, I’m not sure how much it helps me.”

I don’t blame them, I like the idea overall, but it doesn’t seem to help me in any way whatsoever.


It doesn’t do a thing to make my Tablo life better!!


I’ll continue to follow this thread. I’m a DirecTV sub who’s been waiting for YEARS to cut the cord. I’ve been waiting patiently for a DVR/whole home/streaming solution that offers surround sound. I’ve tried Hulu, Sling TV, Playstation Vue, and DirecTV Now. I’ve looked into the Tablo and HDHomeRun Extend as options for streaming and DVR for OTA channels. Tablo seems the most promising, but alas, no 5.1, and from what it sounds like in this thread it is difficult to implement and won’t be coming anytime soon. I’m willing to throw money at the first company that can come up with a viable solution, allowing me to integrate OTA DVR with my Apple TVs and get 5.1 surround. If I have to choose between a 1080p picture with 2.0 audio and an upscaled 720p picture with 5.1 surround I’d pick sound every time. I know I’m different from most, but the lack of surround is the one reason I don’t have a Tablo now and why I check constantly to see if/when it will be implemented.

Here are a couple of questions for the Tablo team… could it support 5.1 for recorded content? Could 5.1 work with live tv with a 30 sec/1 min delay? Could it be done if you charged a little more for the hardware or monthly guide fee?


But will Tablo DROID support the HDHR Connect?

The answer to this question is my response to “Am I interested”…


Doing a little research I found the “Channels” app for Apple TV and iOS. It requires an HDHomeRun, and it manages to preserve the 5.1 audio. From their FAQs:

How do I enable surround sound?

Channels supports full 5.1 surround sound automatically. If you’re not hearing surround sound, check your ATV settings:


But I think only 5.1 for live TV (talking about Channels intergration with ANY HDHomeRun). But anyway, if it works for you, use it!!



I’ve experienced no recording problems in 6 months usage. I did have to upgrade to a faster thumb drive to prevent pixelations.


There’s very inexpensive DVR I use as an adjunct to Tablo. It will give you 5:1, instant channel surfing, and an HDMI output for great OTA viewing. At the risk of sounding like a promoter I refer you to previous posts on the subject.


I can assure you that Channels DVR keeps DD 5.1 for recordings…