5.1 android VLC stopped working

I’m recording in 5.1. Haven’t used my Android phone to stream for a while. I used to use beta.tablotv.com to open VLC. Well apparently that stopped working recently on my Android.

Is there a new workaround to still record in 5.1 and be able to use an android to watch stuff?

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Hi, Max - have you tried ota2GO (in Google Play store)? It’s primarily a downloader, but it lets you watch recordings from your Tablo too, including using an external player. You need to go in to the settings to enable this.

I sort of suspect it will be the same as using the beta app, but perhaps you could try MX Player or similar if your VLC is somehow not decoding 5.1. Worth a try :slight_smile:


I might try it, thanks. Will download MX first

It’s not that VLC stopped decoding, it’s that the browser no longer even allows me to select vlc. I can use other players, just not VLC.

k good luck – just FYI, the ability to watch recordings in the app is permanent/free in the demo mode. No need to upgrade unless you would also like to be a downloader!

Nice app, it worked. This solves my problem. I might upgrade eventually too…

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Want to make an iOS app that does this? I’ll pay for it.


Oh, I would love to, but I’m afraid I have zero (a) Apple products, (b) Apple dev experience, © time any more. Sorry!

If there’s an iOS dev out there that is part of the Tablo developer program, I’d be more than happy to share my approach/source to be ported by them - the hard part isn’t really the Tablo API interaction, but getting the app reasonably polished and stable on the target platform, plus (for me) doing the platform specific transcoding. Other devs might find that a walk in the park, but it twisted my brain :slight_smile:


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