4Tuner Tablo with excellent signal has intermittent digital pixelation

Less than a month into our cord cutting and using a 4tuner dvr with 5tb drive. I did a trial run with an indoor antenna from wally world and was able to get 15 of the 20 available. It seemed to work well enough so I picked up a Mohu sky 60 and installed it… grabs all 20 channels and they all have 5 green dots.

The problem is that i get a lot of random digital pixelation. Bluebloods will be rolling along great and all of a sudden sound drops and the image scatters into digital clutter for a few seconds. It will do this throughout the entire recording. I have not yet really tested to see if it does this in real time ( going to check that today). I know this could be several possible problems and I am posting this in the hopes of a " oh yeah, common problem, easy fix" answer. ; )

Another thing that seems to happen is i will get 4 1 minute recordings of the same episode and no full recording even though another show recording at the same time will do fine.

Submit a ticket to @TabloTV. They can look at your logs and confirm what caused the issues.

Do you live near cell towers?
Some have had good luck with a in-line
LTE Filter

Search for it :grinning:

will take a look… watching “the view” now to see if it is live tv as well… baaaaaarrrf…lol

hmm… just looked at my antenna specs (mohu sky 60) says the amp it comes with has cellular filter already…

Sounds like a signal issue - How far are you from the towers?

farthest is 34 miles and it has a perfect record so far… the two towers giving me issues are 15 miles out… with relatively few cell towers in the way…

When you play back the same segment a few times, are the pixelations exactly the same and at the same time-point in the playback? If not, possibly consider or test whether wifi throughput issues can cause similar symptoms/pixelation which differ on each playback?

Also I bet you can find better test-patterns than The View.
Try Megyn Kelly’s show… Watch/fastforward until near the end - sometimes she changes outfits due to showing a tape. :wink:

ps - shoutout to the SMPTE protocol.


It might just be me, but I’m NOT A fan of the sky 60. Ditched it after one week.

A simple non amplified yagi did a better job for me.

Tablo support analysis of your logs will tell.


bit of an update. I spent some time watching live on all the big 4… cbs/nbc from towers 15 miles away had problems. abc/fox from towers 34 miles away are flawless. This was live tv not recordings. I am guessing that this rules out issues downstream from the tuner.

This is why I asked how far you are from the towers. It sounds that the built-in amplifier on the antenna is causing problems for the channels coming from the close towers. Try turning it off if that is possible.

Does the pixelation occur when watching Live TV via the Tablo? If yes, try disconnecting the HD and watching Live TV again. Could point to a HD or USB cable problem.

You have that interesting situation of being over powered by some signals and under by others. Attenuators can be used to decrease signal. You may have to read up a bit on this or find somebody locally that has already conquered the scenario in your area.

Sounds like too much signal. I had that problem and instead of using an attenuator, I rotated the antenna away from the direction of the closer towers. It lowered the gain just enough to prevent the problems.

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I’ve been fighting this problem for a couple of years now. Many, many trips up on the roof to adjust the antenna. I have 5 green dots on all my channels but I get periodic pixelation on some channels.

I had never heard of an LTE filter. It does look like there are several cell towers around me. Maybe I need to try an LTE filter.